Congress will be held at
Via Giacomo Matteotti, 1 - 56124  PISA    ITALY

Palazzo dei Congressi

The Palazzo dei Congressi in Pisa is a building with a characteristic semicircular shape, built in tiers with gardens.The structure is developed on three floors, of which the first and the second are connected by a large sloping glass window that naturally illuminates the upper galleries with an internal surface totally devoid of architectural barriers.On the ground floor are the Plenary Room and the main services, including the reception and bar. On the first floor there are the control and translation booths, on the second floor there are various smaller rooms particularly suitable for small meetings.The upper space, corresponding to an original practicable tiered roof, similar to an outdoor amphitheater, allows a unique combination between inside and outside.The Palazzo dei Congressi was inaugurated in 1984 and over the years has hosted numerous scientific, cultural, political, commercial and sporting events. The presence of the University of Pisa which, despite the granting of management, maintains its ownership, has certainly contributed to boosting the activity of the center, which has become an important opportunity for economic and cultural development for the city and the territory.Since July 2008, the structure is under concession to a private company (see press release).Due to its architectural features and its location near the historic center, the Palazzo dei Congressi is a building complex of great importance, located in a particularly suggestive area of ‚Äč‚Äčthe city between the Lungarno Buozzi and the green Viale delle Piagge.