Sclerotherapy Awards

Sclerotherapy AWARD

Sclerotherapy is an event that has always been committed to promoting research and development of phlebological culture in Italy. For this reason the Steering Committee has decided to set up a prize to be awarded for the best abstract presented at the next Sclerotherapy 2019 congress. The selected author will win the registration for the Venous Insufficiency and Sclerotherapy of varicose and Eco-color-Doppler edition 1 / 2019, at the VALET srl School - ECM Provider of Bologna for the value of € 2,200.00 (€. Two thousand two hundred / 00), non-convertible prize in cash.

Constitution of the Selection Committee.

The Selection Committee, chaired by the President of the AFI - Italian Flebological Association, is formed by a further 4 selected members of the Scientific Committee, and composed as follows:

President Commission: Dr Demetrio Guarnaccia
Member: Dr Alessandro Frullini
Member: Dr. Patrizia Pavei
Member: Dr Paolo Casoni
Member: Dr Michele Rendace
Evaluation process

The abstracts submitted in due time will be evaluated by the Selection Board. His judgment will be final.

Evaluation criteria
Selection phase of the Abstracts

All the reports submitted via Abstract to the Scientific Secretariat will participate in the selection, and among these, those selected for the "Sclerotherapy & venous ablation 2019" Congress (Pisa - 13-14 September 2019), and presented by speakers who are under 45 of age on 12/31/2018.

The maximum score attributable to each report, in the Abstract selection phase, will be equal to 10 points, divided as follows:

Innovation:                                               4 points.
Search and transferability of results:    4 points.
Quality in the show:                                2 points.

  • The innovation of the paper means both the characteristic of being referred to an innovative sector of phlebology and the novelty of the approach followed by the rapporteur.
  • Research refers to the methodology underlying the work presented.
  • Exhibition quality means the ability to synthesize and to highlight in a concise but at the same time exhaustive way the points of the paper.
The transferability of the results will be assessed on the basis of the possibility of making the report subject to subsequent scientific analysis by the Sclerotherapy Committee, for a desirable scientific publication.

Final evaluation
For the awarding of prizes, the Selection Committee, following the report of the selected work in the Chamber, will be able to assign a maximum of 8 additional points distributed as follows:
  • Effectiveness of the display mode.               5 point 
  • In-depth knowledge of the subject treated   3 points
The final vote will be the sum of the votes given by the members of the jury in the two evaluation phases, the judgment of the commission will be final.

The candidate who obtains the maximum score will be the assignee of the training courses approved by the Scientific Committee before the event, as indicated in the introduction.

The minutes of the commission's work and the awarding of the prizes will be drawn up.
The announcement of the prize winner's name will be made during the conference proceedings.