Welcome Letter

This edition of Sclerotherapy & Venous Ablation will certainly be special, for the first time in many years different phlebological societies meet in a single congress to witness a common desire to grow Italian phlebology.
All of you will not miss the importance of this moment and I want to underline the farsightedness and the courage of the board of directors of such societies that will form the backbone of Sclerotherapy 2019.
The common intent is not to form a new single society but, in respect of the various individualities, try to optimize resources and maximize results, especially in view of the promotion of Italian phlebology abroad.
Sclerotherapy 2019 will have a similar structure to past years with presentations selected among abstracts. Together with these, sessions managed directly by phlebological societies and inter-societary sessions will be included in the program. The program promises to be very rich and with high scientific content
In addition, to simultaneous translation into English we will also provide the simultaneous in Chinese translation for the presence of a delegation of phlebologists from China.
A further innovation will be the establishment of the SCLEROTHERAPY award that will be assigned to the best abstract presented by a young doctor.
We look forward to seeing you, as always there will be a lot of reason to consider Sclerotherapy a special congress.
See you in Pisa.

Dr Alessandro Frullini
Scientific secretary of Sclerotherapy & venous ablation 2019
Honorary President of the Italian Phlebological Association (AFI)


Sclerotherapy has always been the showcase of Italian phlebology abroad. It has always been characterized by the great quality of the scientific contents treated and the presence of mass media. Since its inception AFI has always been considered a scientific contribution to its organization and considered as an opportunity for its own National Congress.
The next sclerotherapy is the contribution of other Italian phlebological scientific societies with our great pride as we have been the promoters of this phlebological convergence policy that finally overcomes the barriers and controversies of the past.
Welcome SIFL. Welcome SIFCS.

Dr. Demetrio Guarnaccia
AFI President 

Sclerotherapy has been and is the most important event in Italian phlebology.
Today is the first great opportunity to put together in a concrete way the various souls of Italian phlebology.
To get to know each other better, to compare peacefully and to overcome a "crisis of growth" that Italian phlebology is going through.
SIFL strongly believes in this new project open to all and without prejudice.
A new project that aims to create a common scientific language while respecting the history and autonomy of each one.
For this reason, SIFL has accepted this kind invitation from Alessandro Frullini and from my friend friend and current president of the AFI, Demetrio Guarnaccia, a couple in sclerotherapy.
SIFL will be present with honor and pleasure.

Dott. Maurizio Pagano
SIFL President 

The Italian Society of Clinical and Experimental Phlebology - which recently turned 30 years old.
This is the company that gives the entire clinical and diagnostic part of the pathology and the most experimental and innovative part, with untiring and lasting dedication.
It is soon said how much, in recent years, we need to eliminate unnecessary and limiting barriers by favoring and moving towards a confrontation that cannot be transprofessional, transcultural and undoubtedly transnational.
The Board of Directors of SIFCS decides to work together with you all for the 2019 International Sclerotherapy Congress - 1st Congress of the Phlebology Inter-company.

Dr. Massimo Danese
SIFCS President